Collective EP

by The Lion In Winter




released November 4, 2011



all rights reserved


The Lion In Winter Columbia, South Carolina

The Lion in Winter’s variegated indie rock is handsome, graceful and impressive, sweeping and grandiose in scope but rooted in spiraling pop hooks. The band’s songs build in refined and stylish crescendos, borrowing from American post-rock, but Hunter Duncan’s songwriting voice favors pre-millennial but post-OK Computer Britpop; the combination is both pretty and potent. ... more

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Track Name: Travels
Why does it take so long for you to respond
Cause I can pick up the phone and call anyone I want
I can talk to you through cables and wires
But it takes two so pick up the other line

Its not religion and its not taboo
Its just me standing right here trying to talk to you
Its just me standing right here trying to talk to you

And this distance keeps me from my foreign love
And this distance holds me back from what I want

I cant go too far from the front yard
Im not suppose to fall in love and break my own heart

Ive seen a lot of things
And ive witnessed a lot of things
And ive wasted all this time
Sitting on this goddamn couch losing my piece of mind

Fill this empty space between us
Track Name: Parade Of Stories
Fill it up to the brim
Thats how you and I view sin
We keep pushing it and pushing
Till it all pours out and we're sinking

I said "Oh my God, you've won"

I wish i had the habit
of being a decent man
To bridle my tongue, and to shut my mouth
And forever remain silent

I said "oh my God, you've won"

When the sun comes up, I wont be there
When you put your clothes back on, I wont be there
In the coolest night, I wont be there
Until the tears flood from your eyes, I still wont be there

Parade of stories that I told don't mean a damn thing at all
Parade of stories that I told, you worship them until they're gone

Burn it down to the ground
Track Name: My Martyr
You're the twinkle in my eye
The religion i believe
My faith the pages i love to read with words of Wondrous things
You're the bird that keeps singing
The delightful tune i long to hear
The melody that soothes the pain pain sung right into My ear

But I'm without you now
And its starting to hurt
Don't you ever forget you'll always be my baby girl

Its the end of the world

God isn't real
Track Name: Valley(acoustic)
Don't say you love me cause I know you
Don't say you want me cause I know you
Don't ever leave me cause im no good on my own

Find me in the valley where you cant hurt me
Ive been down deeeper than the sunken ships of my brothers before me

Don't say you love me cause I know you don't